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Hello and welcome to Joyful Healings. My name is Jaya Shukla. In September of 2019, I came across an amazing facilitator from Access Consciousness®. She ran my bars (32 points in your head) and it provided me with such space in my brain, clarity in who I am, the beauty of life, huge level of confidence and all in just one Access Bars® session. Every time after that when I get my bars run, something even more beautiful happens. After the experiences I have had from Access Bars®, I could not help myself but think what possibilities can it create to others if I provided and shared this joy and healing to others and so I started Joyful healings.

Healing Services

The services I provide are Access Bars® sessions and Access Consciousness® body processes that I have learned and been certified through Access Consciousness®. 

I offer 60 minutes or 90 minutes sessions. Body processes will depend on each client's preference. I even travel to my clients for an additional charge.

Access Bars® session

Getting your bars run can help with:
1. Greater mental clarity, motivation, and problem-solving capacity.
2. The significant increase in joy and happiness.
3. Improved manageability of depressive and anxious tendencies.
4. The decrease in interpersonal and intrapersonal conflicts.
5. Deeper relaxation and uninterrupted sleep.
6. Reduce pain and discomfort.
7. Heal emotional scars.
8. Have more energy.


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5 Reviews

Javion Little

04 March 2020

04 March


Excellent Service!!!! Love it!

tammi ringwald

01 March 2020

01 March


Jaya provides a warm, comforting atmosphere. It's clean and peaceful. Jaya has a beautiful, kind voice and disposition. I cannot say enough good things about h...
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